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Volume 20 Issue 5
Editor-in-Chief: Nancy A. Collop, MD, FAASM, Atlanta, GA
ISSN (print): 1550-9389
ISSN (online): 1550-9397



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Prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in obstructive sleep apnea and its relation to disease severity
  • Ian Milligan, MD,
  • Anna Kate Shaw, RDCS,
  • Roberta Leu, MD,
  • Usama Kanaan, MD,
  • Erik Michelfelder, MD
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Association of preadmission insomnia symptoms with objective in-hospital sleep and clinical outcomes among hospitalized patients
  • Julie M. Neborak, MD,
  • Valerie G. Press, MD, MPH,
  • William F. Parker, MD, PhD,
  • Juan C. Rojas, MD,
  • Max Byron,
  • Swati Goyal, MPH,
  • David O. Meltzer, MD, PhD,
  • Babak Mokhlesi, MD,
  • Vineet M. Arora, MD, MAPP
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General low alertness in people with obstructive sleep apnea
  • Márcio Luciano de Souza Bezerra, MD, MSc,
  • Eelco van Duinkerken, PhD,
  • Eunice Simões, PhD,
  • Sergio Luis Schmidt, MD
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A qualitative exploration of the lived experience of mothers caring for a child with narcolepsy
  • Aaron Schokman, BSc, MPhil, PhD,
  • Janet Cheung, BPharm, MPhil, PhD,
  • Christiane Klinner, BA, Grad Dip Mgt, Grad Cert QHR,
  • Alyssa Milton, BSc, MAppSc (Health Psych), PhD,
  • Diana Naehrig, MD, PhD,
  • Nicollette Thornton, BA, BSc, BHSc (Hons I),
  • Yu Sun Bin, BSc (Hons), MPH, PhD,
  • Kristina Kairaitis, MBBS, PhD,
  • Nick Glozier, MBBS, PhD
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The impact of study type and sleep measurement on oxygen desaturation index calculation
  • Carley B. Whenn, BBSc,
  • Danielle L. Wilson, MSc, PhD,
  • Warren R. Ruehland, PhD,
  • Thomas J. Churchward, BAppSc,
  • Christopher Worsnop, MBBS, PhD,
  • Julie Tolson, BAppSc (Hons)
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A good night’s sleep: pain trajectories and sleep disturbance in children with cerebral palsy
  • Heather M. Shearer, DC, PhD,
  • Pierre Côté, DC, PhD,
  • Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, PhD,
  • Darcy L. Fehlings, MD
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Long-term effects of adenotonsillectomy in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Jooyoung Lee, MD, PhD,
  • Arum Choi, MSc, PhD,
  • Sukil Kim, MD, PhD,
  • Kyunghoon Kim, MD, PhD
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Inequalities in the access to diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in Brazil: a cross-sectional study
  • Luciano F. Drager, MD, PhD,
  • Ronaldo B. Santos, PhD,
  • Daniela Pachito, MD, PhD,
  • Claudia S. Albertini, MSc, PhD,
  • Fatima H. Sert Kuniyoshi, MSc, PhD,
  • Alan L. Eckeli, MD, PhD
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Contribution of dysfunctional sleep-related cognitions on insomnia severity: a network perspective
  • Eun Jung Cha, MA,
  • Sumin Hong, MD,
  • Seolmin Kim, MA,
  • Seockhoon Chung, MD, PhD,
  • Hong Jun Jeon, MD
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Cannabidiol for moderate–severe insomnia: a randomized controlled pilot trial of 150 mg of nightly dosing
  • Andrea J. Narayan, BPsych (Hons),
  • Luke A. Downey, PhD,
  • Sarah Rose, BPsych (Hons),
  • Lauren Di Natale, BPsych (Hons),
  • Amie C. Hayley, PhD
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Day–night pattern of acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction onset in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
  • Yueying Wang, MD,
  • Keremu Buayiximu, BS,
  • Tianqi Zhu, MD,
  • Renyu Yan, MD,
  • Zhengbin Zhu, MD,
  • Jingwei Ni, MD,
  • Run Du, MD,
  • Jinzhou Zhu, MD,
  • Xiaoqun Wang, MD, PhD,
  • Fenghua Ding, MD,
  • Xiaoxiang Yan, MD, PhD,
  • Xuezheng Qu, MD,
  • Ping Li, BS,
  • Ruiyan Zhang, MD, PhD,
  • Zhihong Xu, MD,
  • Weiwei Quan, MD, PhD
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Sleep experiences of parents of children 18 years or younger with sickle cell disease during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study
  • Jennel C. Osborne, PhD, MSN,
  • Michelle Odlum, EdD, MPH,
  • Aziza Sedrak, MD
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Preoperative sleep apnea screening protocol reduces medical emergency team activation in patients with atrial fibrillation
  • Amit K. Saha, PhD,
  • Kristin N. Sheehan, MD,
  • Kang Rui Xiang, MD,
  • Justin Rackley, MD,
  • Harry Hicklin, MD,
  • Abigail L. Koch, MD,
  • Prashant D. Bhave, MD,
  • Daniel J. Forest, MD,
  • Doug B. Kirsch, MD,
  • Rupendra Ghatak, MD,
  • Edward F. Haponik, MD,
  • Stephen P. Peters, MD, PhD,
  • Andrew M. Namen, MD
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Prevalence and associations of multiple hypnotic prescriptions in a clinical sample
  • Bhanu Prakash Kolla, MD, FRCPsych,
  • Meghna P. Mansukhani, MD,
  • Subhajit Chakravorty, MD,
  • Jacob A. Frank, BS,
  • Brandon J. Coombes, PhD
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Factors influencing shared decision-making for insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea treatment among Veterans with mild traumatic brain injury
  • Adam R. Kinney, PhD, OTR/L,
  • Lisa A. Brenner, PhD,
  • Morgan Nance,
  • Joseph Mignogna,
  • Audrey D. Cobb,
  • Jeri E. Forster, PhD,
  • Christi S. Ulmer, PhD, DBSM,
  • Risa Nakase-Richardson, PhD,
  • Nazanin H. Bahraini, PhD
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Impact of deep transcranial magnetic stimulation on insomnia outcomes in patients with treatment-resistant depression: a retrospective study
  • Amit Chopra, MBBS,
  • Prakamya Singal, MD,
  • Suzanne Kodya, MA
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Occult, undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea is associated with increased health care resource utilization and costs among older adults with comorbid depression: a retrospective cohort study among Medicare beneficiaries
  • Emerson M. Wickwire, PhD, FAASM,
  • Jennifer S. Albrecht, PhD
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Treatment of REM sleep behavior disorder with trazodone: report of 3 cases
  • Jorden Barrow, BS,
  • Martina Vendrame, MD, PhD
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Improvement of attention deficit disorder symptoms after treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in an adult: a case report and mini review
  • Tanzeel O. Awadalla, MD,
  • Ogechi Igwe, MBBS, FRCPC,
  • Chukwuma U. Okeafor, MBBS, FWACP, MSc,
  • Hrayr P. Attarian, MD
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Late-onset narcolepsy type 1 comorbid with anti-IgLON5 disease in an older male patient
  • Xiaoli Wang, MSc,
  • Na Yuan,
  • Xinbo Zhang, MD,
  • Yonghong Liu, MD, PhD



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Images: Sleep-related painful erection with concomitant hypnic headache
  • Augustin Moreau, MD,
  • Lucile Monnier, MD,
  • Alessandro Medde, MD,
  • Patrice Bourgin, MD, PhD,
  • Elisabeth Ruppert, MD, PhD
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