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Volume 16 Issue 10
Editor-in-Chief: Nancy A. Collop, MD, FAASM, Atlanta, GA
ISSN (print): 1550-9389
ISSN (online): 1550-9397


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Autopilot and algorithms: accidents, errors, and the current need for human oversight
  • Douglas Kirsch, MD, FAAN, FAASM
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What are we missing? Hypertension and hypopneas
  • Subodh Arora, MD,
  • Jacob F. Collen, MD
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Interpreting CPAP device respiratory indices in children
  • Rebecca Mihai, BAppSc (Hons),
  • Kirsten Ellis, PG Dip Nursing–Paeds,
  • Margot J. Davey, MBBS,
  • Gillian M. Nixon, MD
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Performance of peripheral arterial tonometry–based testing for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea in a large sleep clinic cohort
  • Octavian C. Ioachimescu, MD, PhD,
  • J. Shirine Allam, MD,
  • Arash Samarghandi, MD,
  • Neesha Anand, MD,
  • Barry G. Fields, MD, MSEd,
  • Swapan A. Dholakia, MD,
  • Saiprakash B. Venkateshiah, MD,
  • Rina Eisenstein, MD,
  • Mary-Margaret Ciavatta, PAC,
  • Nancy A. Collop, MD,
  • for the Pulse Arterial Tonometry Evaluation of Reliability (PATER) study investigators
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Impact of obstructive sleep apnea on left ventricular mass index in men with coronary artery disease
  • Zhihua Huang, MD,
  • Ling Wang, MD,
  • Yuanhui Liu, MD,
  • Kaizhuang Huang, MD,
  • Ying Xu, MD,
  • Pingyan Chen, MD,
  • Jianfang Luo, MD,
  • Guang Li, MD,
  • Jiyan Chen, MD, PhD
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Cardiovascular and somatic comorbidities and sleep measures using three hypopnea criteria in mild obstructive sleep-disordered breathing: sex, age, and body mass index differences in a retrospective sleep clinic cohort
  • Karin Gardner Johnson, MD,
  • Douglas Clark Johnson, MD,
  • Robert Joseph Thomas, MD,
  • Vida Rastegar, MPH,
  • Paul Visintainer, PhD
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Sleep in hospitalized patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: an observational study
  • Nancy H. Stewart, DO, MS,
  • Ryan W. Walters, PhD,
  • Babak Mokhlesi, MD, MSc,
  • Diane S. Lauderdale, PhD,
  • Vineet M. Arora, MD, MAPP
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Indirect effect of sleep on abdominal pain through daytime dysfunction in adults with irritable bowel syndrome
  • Pei-Lin Yang, MSN, RN,
  • Robert L. Burr, PhD,
  • Diana T. Buchanan, PhD, RN,
  • Kenneth C. Pike, PhD,
  • Kendra J. Kamp, PhD, RN,
  • Margaret M. Heitkemper, PhD, RN
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Efficacy and long-term follow-up of positional therapy by vibrotactile neck-based device in the management of positional OSA
  • Eugenio De Corso, MD, PhD,
  • Rodolfo F. Mastrapasqua, MD,
  • Antonella Fiorita, MD, PhD,
  • Stefano Settimi, MD,
  • Dario Antonio Mele, MD,
  • Pasqualina Maria Picciotti, MD, PhD,
  • Antonella Loperfido, MD,
  • Sabino Marrone, MD,
  • Grazia Rizzotto, MD,
  • Gaetano Paludetti, MD,
  • Emanuele Scarano, MD, PhD
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Tridimensional upper airway assessment in male patients with OSA using oral advancement devices modifying their vertical dimension
  • Maite Barbero, DDS,
  • Carlos Flores-Mir, DDS, DSc, FRCD(C),
  • Juan Calvo Blanco, MD, PhD,
  • Valentin Cabriada Nuño, MD, PhD,
  • Joan Brunso Casellas, MD PhD,
  • Jose Luis Calvo Girado, DDS, PhD,
  • Julio Alvarez Amezaga, MD, PhD,
  • Felix De Carlos, MD, DDS, PhD
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Altered slow-wave sleep activity in children with rapid-onset obesity with hypothalamic dysregulation, hypoventilation, and autonomic dysregulation syndrome
  • Aviv D. Goldbart, MD, MSc,
  • Ayelet Arazi, MSc,
  • Inbal Golan-Tripto, MD,
  • Yoel Levinsky, MD,
  • Oded Scheuerman, MD,
  • Ariel Tarasiuk, PhD
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Increased behavioral inhibition trait and negative stress coping in non–rapid eye movement parasomnias
  • Markus Ramm, MSc,
  • Alexandra Urbanek, MD,
  • Annette Failing, MD,
  • Peter Young, MD,
  • Christoph Scherfler, MD,
  • Birgit Högl, MD,
  • Anna Heidbreder, MD
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Changes in the objective measures of sleep between the initial nights of menses and the nights during the midfollicular phase of the menstrual cycle in collegiate female athletes
  • Natsue Koikawa, MSc,
  • Yukiko Takami, PhD,
  • Yu Kawasaki, MD, PhD,
  • Fusae Kawana, BSc,
  • Nanako Shiroshita, BSc,
  • Etsuko Ogasawara, PhD,
  • Takatoshi Kasai, MD, PhD
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Incidence of hypertension in obstructive sleep apnea using hypopneas defined by 3 percent oxygen desaturation or arousal but not by only 4 percent oxygen desaturation
  • Rohit Budhiraja, MD,
  • Sogol Javaheri, MA, MD, MPH,
  • Sairam Parthasarathy, MD,
  • Richard B. Berry, MD,
  • Stuart F. Quan, MD
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Patients with obstructive sleep apnea present with chronic upregulation of serum HIF-1α protein
  • Agata Gabryelska, MD, PhD,
  • Bartosz Szmyd,
  • Janusz Szemraj, PhD,
  • Robert Stawski, PhD,
  • Marcin Sochal, MD,
  • Piotr Białasiewicz, MD, PhD
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Intraoperative identification of mixed activation profiles during hypoglossal nerve stimulation
  • Joshua J. Sturm, MD, PhD,
  • Clara H. Lee, MD,
  • Oleg Modik, PhD, CNIM,
  • Maria V. Suurna, MD, FACS
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Long-term changes of stimulation intensities in hypoglossal nerve stimulation
  • Zhaojun Zhu, MD,
  • Benedikt Hofauer, MD,
  • Markus Wirth, MD,
  • Clemens Heiser
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Daylight saving time: an American Academy of Sleep Medicine position statement
  • Muhammad Adeel Rishi, MD,
  • Omer Ahmed, MD,
  • Jairo H. Barrantes Perez, MD,
  • Michael Berneking, MD,
  • Joseph Dombrowsky, MD,
  • Erin E. Flynn-Evans, PhD, MPH,
  • Vicente Santiago, MD,
  • Shannon S. Sullivan, MD,
  • Raghu Upender, MD,
  • Kin Yuen, MD, MS,
  • Fariha Abbasi-Feinberg, MD,
  • R. Nisha Aurora, MD, MHS,
  • Kelly A. Carden, MD, MBA,
  • Douglas B. Kirsch, MD,
  • David A. Kristo, MD,
  • Raman K. Malhotra, MD,
  • Jennifer L. Martin, PhD,
  • Eric J. Olson, MD,
  • Kannan Ramar, MD,
  • Carol L. Rosen, MD,
  • James A. Rowley, MD,
  • Anita V. Shelgikar, MD, MHPE,
  • Indira Gurubhagavatula, MD, MPH
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The impact of sleep problems on functional and cognitive outcomes in children with Down syndrome: a review of the literature
  • Jasneek K. Chawla, MBBS, BSc(Hons), FRACP,
  • Scott Burgess, MBBS, PhD, FRACP,
  • Helen Heussler, MBBS, DM, FRACP
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Deep learning applied to polysomnography to predict blood pressure in obstructive sleep apnea and obesity hypoventilation: a proof-of-concept study
  • Bharati Prasad, MD, MS,
  • Chirag Agarwal, MS,
  • Elan Schonfeld,
  • Dan Schonfeld, PhD,
  • Babak Mokhlesi, MD, MSc
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Central sleep apnea and Chiari 1 malformation in a pediatric patient with Klippel-Feil syndrome
  • Zara Martirosyan, MD,
  • Sonal Malhotra, MD, MPH
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When reason sleeps: attempted suicide during the circadian night
  • Andrew S. Tubbs, BSc,
  • Patricia Harrison-Monroe, PhD,
  • Fabian-Xosé Fernandez, PhD,
  • Michael L. Perlis, PhD,
  • Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR
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Rise in nocturnal respiratory rate during CPAP may be an early sign of COVID-19 in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
  • Hiroshi Nakano, PhD,
  • Masako Kadowaki, MD,
  • Tomokazu Furukawa, PhD,
  • Makoto Yoshida, PhD
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Therapeutic effectiveness of thalidomide in a patient with treatment-resistant restless legs syndrome
  • Aaro V. Salminen, PhD,
  • Nathalie Schandra, MD,
  • Barbara Schormair, PhD,
  • Konrad Oexle, MD,
  • Juliane Winkelmann, MD
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Restless legs syndrome associated with use of stevia nonnutritive sweetener
  • Umesh Goswami, MBBS,
  • Snigdha Pusalavidyasagar, MBBS
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Auto-titrating CPAP for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in children: APAP and CPAP pressures were not that close
  • R. Bart Sangal, MD
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Auto-titrating CPAP for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in children: a good beginning
  • Ilya Khaytin, MD, PhD,
  • Ignacio E. Tapia, MD,
  • Suzanne E. Beck, MD
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Low repeatability of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and the need to redefine the minimal clinically important difference
  • Mahadevappa Hunasikatti, MD, FCCP
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Low repeatability of Epworth Sleepiness Scale after short intervals in a sleep clinic population and the need for adequate sleepiness assessment in research and clinical settings
  • Fabian A. Grewe, MD,
  • Thomas Gaisl, MD,
  • Malcolm Kohler, MD
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Narcolepsy risk and COVID-19
  • Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD,
  • Steve Black, MD
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