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Volume 08 No. 06
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The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine—Moving Forward

Stuart F. Quan, M.D., F.A.A.S.M.
Boston, MA and Tucson, AZ

Beginning in 2013, our 9th volume, there will changes coming to the Journal. The major change will be monthly publication which is an additional landmark in the evolution of the Journal. By doing so, manuscripts will be published sooner and each issue will contain slightly fewer papers. The latter will allow the reader to focus on a reduced amount of information, hopefully resulting in greater transfer of knowledge. In addition, your editorial staff is considering enhancement of items directly relevant to clinical practice, such as more board review questions and a journal club.

During the eight years I have had the privilege of being your editor, the Journal has made major strides into becoming the leading scientific publication for Sleep Medicine clinicians. In our 1st year, there were fewer than 100 original manuscripts or case report submissions. For this our 8th year, there will be close to 250 submissions in these categories. Many are from international institutions, demonstrating world-wide recognition of the Journal. Although, I have not emphasized achieving a high impact factor, the Journal's first impact factor was 3.232, ranking it 3rd among the seven non-review sleep journals receiving impact factors. Many papers have been highly cited. Despite the increasing number of submissions, the quality of papers has been high allowing greater selectivity in what is ultimately published.

As the Journal enters its 9th year, it will remain clinically focused with its primary mission to be a venue for transfer of clinically relevant knowledge to Sleep Medicine clinicians, as well as to clinical investigators. Your editorial staff is open to suggestions on how to make the Journal better and relevant to the practice of Sleep Medicine as the Journal embarks on a new era.