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Volume 08 No. 02
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Every Breath You Take: A Song Parody for Polysomnography Technologists

Adam J. Sorscher, M.D.
Department of Psychiatry (Sleep Medicine), Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH

(Tune: “Every Breath You Take” by The Police)

Every breath you take

Every snort you make

Every limb you shake

Every lead you break

I'll be watching you

And if you gasp, cough or wheeze

Or if perchance you should sneeze

If you start to seize

While you're catching some Zzzzzs

I'll be watching you


Oh can't you see, you're in stage 3

My poor heart aches, every time you wake

And in the night if you groan

Or make an unearthly moan

Supine or prone

You're not alone

Cause I'll be watching you


It's 3 am and I'm standing over your face

Your chin tone's down, it's vanished without a trace

I look around, I re-reference; I attempt to replace

But it's no use, this titration is a big disgrace

I keep on begging you, begging you baby please!

Every breath you take

Every limb you shake

Every snort you make

Every bathroom break

I'll be watching you!

To view video performance of this song parody, go to youtube and type in Adam Sorscher, the author's name, in the search box.


Dr. Sorscher has indicated no financial conflicts of interest.


Sorscher AJ. Every breath you take: a song parody for polysomnography technologists. J Clin Sleep Med 2012;8(2):233.