Translation Policy

Guidelines for Requests to Translate Materials from AASM Publications

Note: Requestor must first receive permission from the copyright clearance center for original English copy of materials before submission is sent to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

General Guidelines

Permission may be granted to translate material from JCSM if the request meets these criteria:

  • Requests must be submitted in writing. Requests may be submitted to Publications Department via email to
  • Requests must include the requestor’s name, address, telephone number and email address. Incomplete requests will not be processed.
  • Requests must identify the exact material to be copied or translated along with the title of the publication, video or the Web site URL address from which the material is taken. Page numbers and copyright dates must be included.
  • Requests for electronic use will not be granted.
  • The request must state exactly how the material will be used and distributed.
  • Translated materials are not to be sold or used in a commercial or for profit venture.
  • The material may not be altered or adapted. The material will be reproduced for educational purposes.
  • A physician or medical expert fluent in English and the translated language must send a letter on professional letterhead stating that he or she will review the translation.
  • After the translation has been completed, we will need another letter from the medical expert verifying that he or she has reviewed the translation and that it is accurate.

Specific Guidelines

  • All translations of materials from JCSM must carry a statement, usually placed on the verso of the title page, in the language of the translation that the original is in the English language and that the translation is for reference purposes only.
  • The published translation must carry the original reference to JCSM.

International Requests

Requests to translate and distribute materials from JCSM outside of the United States may take an additional 30 business days to process. Because copyright laws differ by country, it may be cost prohibitive for the AASM to grant this type of request.


Fees will be determined based upon the request.

Fees must be paid in US dollars via a check written on a US bank or via International money order. All taxes, exchange rates and fees must be calculated so that the amount of payment is the full amount due in US dollars.