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Volume 13 No. 04
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Pediatric Sleep Pearls

Eliot S. Katz, MD
Division of Respiratory Diseases, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

Sleep medicine has evolved tremendously as a discipline by the creation of texts carefully crafted to train providers in the thought process of approaching clinically relevant situations. Pediatric Sleep Pearls is a spectacular addition to this growing literature, filling a previously overlooked niche. Previous efforts have included only a perfunctory mention of children, therefore the important nuances essential to this subspecialty have been largely glossed over. In Pediatric Sleep Pearls, the reader is presented with an entire text addressing the broad range of sleep disorders in children from the unique breathing and behavioral concerns of infants to the sleepy adolescent. The content is comprehensive, well annotated, up to date, and has been written with great clarity.

The book is composed of 96 clinical vignettes encompassing a broad spectrum of clinical cases highlighting sleep-disordered breathing, behavioral sleep complaints, psychiatric sleep disturbances, parasomnias, and hypersomnias. The clinical history is logically followed by the physical examination and relevant diagnostic testing. Next, a question raised by the case is posed and is followed by the answer and a brief explanation. Finally, a detailed discussion of the case ensues with upto-date references. Figures of sleep diaries, actigraphs, sleep histograms, polysomnography, airway/facial photographs, imaging studies, and multiple sleep latency testing are amply utilized to support the case presentations. The flow of the book mirrors the thought process that clinicians would ordinarily use in training students. It is an active and engaging process that feels more like an actual clinical experience. Many of the cases reference clinical practice guidelines and the third edition of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders for a full perspective of the state of the art in clinical management.

Who would benefit from this book? General pediatric practitioners, pediatric trainees, nurse practitioners, sleep fellows, pediatric pulmonologists, and students will learn a practical approach to the spectrum of pediatric sleep disorders. Sleep providers who predominantly care for adults will obtain an enhanced comfort level for extending the scope of their practice. This book will become an essential guide to the appropriate clinical historical features, necessary diagnostic testing, and the most common approach to therapy.

Pediatric Sleep Pearls is more than a fine textbook, it is an educational tool that has been carefully crafted to provide upto-date information in an appropriate clinical context.


Dr. Katz has indicated no financial conflicts of interest.


Katz ES. Pediatric sleep pearls. J Clin Sleep Med. 2017;13(4):649.